Zone Face Lift

This divine and blissful innovative and groundbreaking treatment has been developed by Ziggie Bergman, facial reflexologist to the red carpet stars of London. Designed to be a 12-week programme, it effectively firms up the facial muscles and has been hailed as 100% natural alternative to Botox.

Muscles have a memory but do need to be exercised regularly to keep their tone - your face is no different in that respect to your body when you go to the gym. You wouldn't expect your tummy or legs to be toned forever after one visit to the gym.

Many clients find the transformation is not just visual - they have found their lives transform, letting go of negativity or old emotions that have caused the wrinkles or pain etched on their face. When you start to erase the lines, you begin to softly erase the memory that caused them.

The award-winning elixir used is a delicious blend of organic oils with healing properties infused with an amethyst crystal, aiming to leave your face with a youthful glow, helping to eradicate fine lines and facial puffiness.

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